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For YOU!

Would you like to hear some good news? I mean really GOOD NEWS!

Well, here it is ...

God is not waiting to GET you. No, He is not even against you. He's for you - He's on your side!.

He's not looking to get even for all those nasty things you've said and done either. The Bible says, He isn't holding your sins against you. He forgave you before you ever committed them -- before you were even born. That doesn't mean He's happy with your rotten attitudes but He loves you just the same .... just as you are. You don't have to perform to earn His love or forgiveness. He gives them freely to you just because He is God.

It's not as though His kindness and forgiveness are cheap. Far from it. It cost Him a great deal. It is free to you because He took your place and paid for all your misdeeds. You see, God died for you. You say, "What do you mean, God can't die!". That's it exactly --only a man can die. So God became a man in order that He might take your place and die in your stead, so that you can live forever. That's who Jesus Christ is. He is God in human form.

You see, God loved the world so much that He became a man in order that as a man He could

take the blame and judgment for all the sins the world has committed. Because He is a righteous judge, it was impossible for Him simply to forgive sin without administering a just penalty. Justice demands the sinner be condemned but God's heart could not condemn so He paid the penalty Himself so that He Could be just when He forgives the world ''The World" ... that means YOU! You're a part of it, are you not? After all,. you're not so special that you would be excluded, are you? So that settles it -- "The World'' includes YOU. The Bible says that God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them. (2 Cor. 5: 19). Since you are in the world, does this mean God is not counting your sins against YOU? That is exactly what it says, isn't it? Well, if that isn't good news, I've never heard it!

Sin Is sin There is no better or worse sin in God's eyes. The very worst sin you have committed is covered. You may even feel your sin is too great for God to forgive. but God's Word assures you that no sin is omitted from His great forgiveness. (1 John 1:9). You may be guilty of killing someone, adultery, cursing, lying or stealing. You may be short tempered, irritable, or just plain difficult to get along with. You may be full of hatred or mistreat those who love and trust you. You may be ever so corrupt and vile but God is not holding any of that against you because Jesus Christ paid in full all the debt of sin you and all mankind owe. When Jesus gave His life on the cross He said. "It is finished" and from that time on God no longer takes account of sin. He is not the condemner of the world but the Savior of it. God is the Savior of all men. specially of those that believe". ( 1 Timothy 4:10).

So if you want God in your life to save you from yourself and all your wickedness, all you have to do is trust in Jesus Christ as your Savior. "Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved". (Acts 2:21). So call upon Him. Call out!. Get in a place by yourself and call out to Jesus. "Lord have mercy on me!". Save me from my sins and from myself -- please come into my life". If you will do that sincerely with all of your heart you're life will never again be the same because Jesus will hear, and begin to change you. He will help you into a totally new way of living. Everything will not change overnight -- but YOU will be different and little by little as you continue to trust in Jesus, your life will change as He strengthens you to overcome your hang-ups. Whatever your sin or problem - drugs, alcohol, bad attitudes, unreasonable fears or maybe you just need courage to live from day to day -- Jesus will help you. Trust Him, because even though He died He is not dead! God raised Him from the dead and set Him on high above every name that exists and has given Him all power that exists in the universe. That Simply means, He has the ability to save you from everything that is destroying you. And He is willing to do it! Just ask Him and trust Him to do what you ask. After all He has done it for millions -- why not YOU?

-- Bert Bauman


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